Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Quality is the most crucial aspect of a business. We have earned the distinction of being called a reliable and quality-conscious contract manufacturer of quality products by our customers. Our products are known for their reliability, being consumable and durable at an affordable price. We are one of the leading suppliers of quality healthcare products in the country, where we deal with both the domestic and export market.

Biodeal’s advanced technology platform, our long experience and in-depth industry knowledge, and our worldwide footprint make us the most trusted contract manufacturing partner worldwide. We know what it takes to create optimal solutions for your business – from drug formulation through commercial-scale manufacture to quality control and regulatory compliance.

We integrate your product concept with proven pharma-grade manufacturing techniques to ensure your final product is safe, efficacious, and optimized for compliance.

We provide value to our clients by helping them move their products from the laboratory to the market safely and efficiently. We have a solid track record in bringing drug development and commercialization to fruition while adhering to strict regulatory guidelines of the FDA, DEA and state boards.


contract manufacturing

What makes Biodeal Pharmaceuticals the best in pharma contract manufacturing in India?

In the state of Himachal Pradesh (Nalagarh), we have a cutting-edge manufacturing plant. The building was constructed in accordance with cGMP standards, and the business has received accreditation for its top-quality management system—ISO 9001: 2005.

We manufacture India’s top brands such as Ezicas Az Spray, Nazohist F, Allegra Nasal duo, Flutivin, Elosone, Solvin and much more. Additionally, we deliver them top-notch formulations— azelastine hydrochloride, fluticasone propionate, mometasone furoate, calcitonin and so on. For both the local and international markets, we are a reputable contract producer for several top pharmaceutical businesses. As an exporter of pharmaceutical items, we place a premium on quality.

We have a vision of being the leader in the industry by ensuring cost-effective products with high-quality standards for all segments of society through a commitment to restoring health and transforming the lives of patients by developing novel Biodeal pharmaceutical products.

As a specialist in nasal spray manufacturing, an emphasis on the quality of the final product in our quality policy facilitates our personnel to strive to meet the standards of excellence. This is the reason major pharmaceutical companies chose to entrust manufacturing of their products at our plants.

Process for Contract manufacturing

The process of third-party manufacturing typically involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Contact: If you’re seeking to outsource manufacturing, you can contact a third-party manufacturers and expresses interest in their services for the first step.
  2. Negotiation: After the first step, you and third-party manufacturer, negotiate the terms of the agreement, including the scope of work, timelines, and pricing
  3. Development: We as a contract manufacturer work with the company to develop the product, including formulation, analytical development, and clinical trial supplies after negotiating.
  4. Manufacturing: Once the product is developed, we begin the manufacturing process. This includes sourcing raw materials, production, packaging, and labeling.
  5. Delivery: When the manufacturing is done, the finished products are delivered to the company and they can then distribute it to the market.
  6. Monitoring: After that, you can monitor the performance of the product in the market and provide feedback to the third-party manufacturer for future improvements.