Type II Collagen and its uses

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a glue which holds your skin, muscles and bones together. Let’s understand its biochemical structure and function in brief. The most abundant form of protein found in bones, muscles, skin and tendon. Its biochemical structure is complex and comes in the category of Fibrous protein, which has a crucial role in strengthening and flexibility of cells.

Collagen divided into many parts and the most common types is Type 1 through Type V and each is associated with different function.

Type II:Foundational Component of Cartilage, Supports Spinal Disc, Crucial for Joint Support.

Type II Collagen an innovative Therapeutic Approach for Long term Osteoporosis.

The Prevalence of Osteoporosis driving the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies to search for Novel approach with good tolerability and minimal side effects. Osteoporosis is imbalance of catabolic and anabolic process in the bones which reduces bones mineralization therefore results in wear and tear of cartilage in bones.Collagen supplementation is emerging as a complementary Therapy in the management of Osteoporosis and other Joints problems. Collagen is the power nutrients which can do wonders as Type II Collagen is the main structural component of the cartilage.

How Useful is the Type II Collagen?

Type II collagen fibers are found in cartilage. They have a crucial role in the cartilage tensile strength and elasticity, which helps it to supports the joints. They form network of fibrils that helps to bond proteoglycan and elastin fibers into tough but flexible tissue.
Cartilage is a connective tissue, which is firm but pliable, Cartilage found in bones have several functions as:Connecting bones, Shock Absorption, Prevent tissue from Mechanical Stress, Smooth movement of Joints.

Cartilage is easily prone to wear and tear because it is avascular. In some cases, cartilage damage is irreversible due to degradation of type II collagen damage. So, with growing era number of people dealing with some kind of joints problem, the most common being Osteoarthritis looking for natural ways to prolonged the life of their cartilage. Type II collagen peptide as a supplement can help to protect joints by reducing the inflammation of Cartilage and extending durability of joints.

Type II Collagen is very necessary for joint health, these collagens are one of the most utilized collagens in the global Market. They are consumed in the form of supplements which is often prescribed by doctors. A lot of attention is drawn towards bone health, by body builders weight lifters, The rising prevalence of condition including RheumatoidArthritis, Joint discomfort, and other inflammatory bone diseases, also fueling the demands of collagen supplements. Over the forecast period of 2022-2033 the collagen market has been anticipated to expand at a CGAR of 6.8% and with the growing demands of collagen in one’s lifestyle have aggravated the growth of Global collagen market.

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